2021 Biennial Town Election

Voter Guide

The Franklin Area Voting Guide is intended to be a non-partisan resource created by private individuals to allow the people of Franklin, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities to cast an educated vote on issues that impact our community.

Information contained in this guide is provided by candidates and taken verbatim from their survey responses, or sourced from candidate websites/social media accounts, public statements, town halls, and past achievements.

*Indicates the survey responses were submitted after the guide was published on 9/28

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board of assessors

Term: 4 Years Open Seat(s): 1


Christopher Feeley (Incumbent) - No Response

board of Health

Term: 4 Years Open Seat(s): 1


Bridget Sweet (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Planning board

Term: 4 Years Open Seat(s): 2 full, 1 associate member


Joseph Halligan (Incumbent) - No Response

Anthony Padula (Incumbent) - No Response

Beth Wierling - Learn More >>

Jennifer Williams (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

School COmMittee

Term: 2 Years Open Seat(s): 7


Camille Bernstein - Learn More >>

Mark Bisson - No Response

David Callaghan - Learn More >>

Al Charles - Learn More >>

Jennifer D'Angelo (Incumbent) - No Response

John McCormack - No Response

David McNeill - Learn More >>

Mary Jane Scofield (Incumbent) - No Response

Denise Spencer (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Elise Stokes (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Dashe Videira* - Learn More >>

Meghan Whitmore* - Learn More >>

Town Clerk

Term: 4 Years Open Seat(s): 1


Nancy Danello (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Lynne Santorsola - No Response

Town Council

Term: 2 Years Open Seat(s): 9


Andrew Bissanti (Incumbent) - No Response

Jane Callaway-Tripp - No Response

Brian Chandler (Incumbent) - No Response

Ted Cormier-Leger - Learn More >>

Robert Dellorco (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Alan Earls* - Learn More >>

Cobi Frongillo (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Melanie Hamblen (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Glenn Jones* (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Thomas Mercer (Incumbent) - Learn More >>

Deborah Pellegri (Incumbent) - No Response

Patrick Sheridan - Learn More >>