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Term: 2 Years

Robert Dellorco

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Candidate Biography

Five Term Franklin Town Councilor, Ten year Board member of Franklin Recreational Committee, One of the founder members and Board members of SAFE Coalition, Past Vice President of Franklin POP-Warner, Former Basketball Coach for Saint Mary's CYO Girl's Basketball, Former Franklin Youth Baseball Coach, Vice President of Saint Anthony's Society, Active member of the Son's of Italy Society, Member of the Teamster Local 25 Union. Member of the Franklin Rod and Gun Club and the Franklin Elks.

Will you support putting the override on the ballot this term? If not, how do you propose addressing the fiscal challenges set out in the FY2021 budget message?

This is decision for the town residents will have to make. If needed then I would support putting this item on the ballot.

How do you propose supporting Franklin’s small businesses? What actions Town Council should take to attract more small businesses to Franklin?

As a current Council member we have been giving the small businesses a Tax relief so that they will come to Franklin to open a business. We have also made the permitting process much easier to less complicate the whole process.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your most recent tenure? Or, if you are a new candidate, what achievements make you most qualified for the position?

As a current Council Member, I am proud to have been involved in several major events. I am very proud of being part of the building of the new Franklin High School, and the Maple Street Open Space Project. Also Important is keeping good and communications with our State Officials. Most of all I take pride in being a founding father of the SAFE Coalition, where I have helped and supported many families struggling with drug and alcohol issues.

What do you believe the Town Council’s priorities should be for the upcoming term?

It is vital to continue protect Public Safety and provide the resources to do so. We also need to focus on providing affordable housing in Franklin so that both our young and older residents can continue to live and prosper in our town. We need to preserve open space for our community and the environment as a whole. We need to work closely with State and Federal Officials to procure the funds needed to support and improve out infra-structure. It is important to make sure that we have a balanced budget at the end of the year.

In its 2020 update to implementation of the 2013 Master Plan, the Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD) recommended two goals related to housing in Franklin, the first goal is to provide an appropriate mix of housing alternatives for middle income workers. The second goal is to support development opportunities for low, moderate and middle income households preventing many in Franklin from being able to find affordable housing. Are you in support of these goals? Why or why not?

Yes as stated in previous questions, I fully support anything that can be done to provide housing for lower and middle class residents. The Seniors are an interictal part of Franklin, and I would like to be their voice in these matters. They deserve it!

In the FY22 Budget Hearing, the Superintendent of Schools presented data showing Franklin falls in the 22nd percentile statewide for Net School Spending (state aid + local contribution) and 75% of districts in Massachusetts spend more, per pupil, than Franklin. Do you believe Franklin's local contribution to education should increase? Reference:

We would always like to see things like this increase, that being said, with the funding we have, 98% of Franklin Graduates are attending Secondary Higher Education. We can work again with our State Officials to obtain funds for our schools.

In its 2020 update to implementation of the 2013 Master Plan, the Department of Planning & Community Development, (DPCD) recommended two goals with regard to transportation and infrastructure. Goal one was to improve and maintain the Town’s public roadway system. The second goal is to make the Town more walkable and bikeable by creating and maintaining safe interconnected pedestrian and bicycle routes. Are you in support of this why or why not? How do you propose funding?

I am in total in favor of this. I will personally continue to work with State and Local Officials for funding.