Planning Board

Term: 2 Years

Jennifer williams (Incumbent)

Candidate Website/Social Media Address and Facebook Page: Jennifer Williams for Planning Board

Candidate Biography

I am a mother of two, and a registered architect with ample planning experience. These two identities are a perfect match to represent you and your family's interests on the Franklin Planning Board. As an architect, I have valuable experience on diverse projects and studies. I have extensive experience in new construction, renovations and additions, feasibility studies, and master plan efforts. My expertise in understanding the built environment, the construction industry, design and regulatory process and the impact of work on communities would provide valuable insight as a member of the Planning Board. As a mother, I want to set my family up to thrive as they grow up in a family-friendly Franklin.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your most recent tenure? Or, if you are a new candidate, what achievements make you most qualified for the position?

I'm currently a non-voting associate member on the Board which has given me invaluable experience in understanding what the Planning Board entails, and what the commitment involves. I am passionate about my participation and am running with the goal of having a larger impact as a full-time voting member. Through my architectural and planning background I bring a skillset and expertise needed to meaningfully contribute to a Board which reviews, in detail, site plans, subdivision plans, proposed changes to by-laws and more.

Do you want to see more or less development in Franklin, and why?

I want to see both: more and less development specific to particular parts of town and addressing unique needs. I want to see more development in place of derelict or unused lots downtown in particular, in order to promote pedestrian traffic and small-business growth, along with attract the next generation of of our community. I also support development which promotes more affordable options for those in need whether it be the growing elderly population, disabled in need of specialized accommodations, veterans, workforce housing, or simply first-time homeowners who need reachable options to begin their lives in this Town. I do not support development which eliminates or jeopardizes our precious limited open space left within our city limits. I believe we should be more thoughtful about where and how we clear land, even when subdivisions and new homes fall within approved current regulations and by-laws.

What kinds of development are you supportive of?

See answer above!

Do you believe there are certain occupations that may have an inherent conflict of interest with serving the best interest of the citizens of Franklin on the Planning Board?

Yes, I believe local developers, real estate agents, and construction managers are an inherent conflict of interest. The Planning Board reviews and votes on proposed changes to zoning by-laws, which impacts future development. The Board reviews and votes on documents such as the Housing Production Plan, which impacts future development. The Board also oversees any master plan efforts which take place within the Town, which impacts future development. See the theme here? The Planning Board also makes decisions on special permits which pave the way for creating a precedent for how those same decisions are made on future projects. I don't believe those who have a financial interest in local development, sale of property, or construction in general should be voting members on the Board.

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