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Term: 4 Years

NAncy Danello (Incumbent)

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My name is Nancy Danello, your Town Clerk. I started my career in Franklin at Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank where I met my husband, George, a Franklinite whose family has been in town since 1910. We had our third daughter, Bianca, who is a 5th generation Danello living in Franklin. I was fortunate enough to stay home and raise my family. While doing so I was very involved in my children’s education in the Franklin Public School system—volunteering throughout the years as a room parent, participating in All Night Party and various committees within the school. It was very important for my husband and I to have our girls active with the Town as well. We all volunteered for the Salvation Army, Food Pantry, Santa Foundation, YMCA and various sporting programs throughout town. My husband and I are still currently very active in many Boards and Committees throughout the Town.

In September of 2012 I was ready to get back into the work force and was hired by then Town Administrator, Mr. Jeff Nutting. My role was Zoning Board of Appeals Administrative Assistant and Building Department Clerk. In 2016 I was hired in the Town Clerks Office, where the knowledge that I brought from the Zoning Board assisted greatly in my role as the Assistant Town Clerk. I loved all the different aspects of the Clerk’s Office – I felt like I found my home! I began immediately going through many hours of schooling, conferences, and seminars. I was devoted to learning all I could from the best of the best – determined to have the honor of those three letters that mean so much, and what every Town Clerk strives for at the end of our names. So that is what I did – I became a CMC (Certified Municipal Clerk). In addition to being a Certified Municipal Clerk, I am also a Certified Elections Administrator, Registrar, Justice of the Peace, and Notary Public. I was also commissioned by the Secretary of State as a Commissioner to Qualify.

In September 2020, I was promoted by the Town Council and Town Administrator to the Town Clerk, with support from the Secretary of State’s Office. My team and I were entrusted with managing one of the most important and controversial elections in the town’s history. My experience, training, and development within the Town Clerk’s Office ensured the success we achieved on November 3, 2020.

I take great pride in my accomplishments within my office, but what I am most proud of is raising my three daughters, and being ‘Nanny’ to my 5 beautiful grandchildren.

In your opinion, what is the role of the Clerk and why is it important?

The Town Clerk is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and disposition of all town records and for being the general informant to residents. We are the keeper of the Town Seal and the Oath & Code book. We are responsible for Vital Statistics, Licenses, Public Notices, updating the Code of the Town of Franklin, Zoning and Planning Board decisions, Business Certificates, Raffle Permits, Fuel Storage Permits, and more are all issued by the Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk is also responsible for being the Chief Elections Officer, the preparation of all election functions, voting lists, ballot preparation, certification of nominations papers and initiative petitions, voter registrations, annual census, resident book, and preparing the Towns Annual Report for our residents.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your most recent tenure? Or, if you are a new candidate, what achievements make you most qualified for the position?

  • The successful execution of the 2020 Presidential & Town Special elections.

  • Securing two additional State Computers for registering Voters and updating vote by mail/absentee requests at no cost therefore making office more efficient.

  • Procured $25,000 in grants to subsidize spending costs of 2020 elections.

  • Lead and go-to person for conversion of the town’s online software program.

  • Full compliance with all State, Federal and Local rules and regulations.

  • Becoming a Certified Municipal Town Clerk.

  • During a pandemic my team and I were available to assist the residents with all requests.

  • Secured additional voting equipment (tabulators and ballot bins) at no cost, saving the town $22,000.00

  • Completed extensive overhaul of the Town’s Code Book, street listing book and website making them State compliant and user friendly.

  • Renovated Town Census and updated voter mailing list.

  • Working with State Regulators in re-precincting within the Town due to the increasing population.

What are areas of improvement for the Clerk’s office over the next term?

One of my goals to improve the office in the short term is our vault. We are almost out of room with our shelving and I am redesigning the vaults’ interior to accommodate the preservation of our records as we evolve.

What are your goals for the Clerk’s office for the next term?

We will continue to strive for department efficiency, compliance with rules and regulations, and cost control. We will continue to serve the public with a welcoming smile.

What do you foresee as the most urgent challenges that Franklin will address in the next four years?

Elections would be the most urgent challenge—a successful implementation and execution is always our main goal. In my opinion Vote by Mail is not going away so we need to be proactive and stay well educated on all election rules and regulations which change frequently. My commitment, experience and dedication to the town will see us through the process. I foresee technology having a greater role in elections, to make the process even more efficient, faster and easier for voters. We will continually seek out the most current technology to enhance the customer service in the Town Clerk’s office.

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