State Treasurer

The Treasurer is the custodian of all state funds and is the only party authorized to make payment from those funds. Every state agency must deposit receipts and revenues, which it has received with the Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for the issuance and marketing of state bonds and for the investment policy of the state. In addition, the Treasurer is the Chairman of the State Board of Retirement and oversees the retirement system for state workers, as well as administers the Deferred Compensation Plan. Other programs under the remit of the Treasurer include:

  • Cash and Debt Management, and Savings makes “Cents”.

  • Divisions include the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

  • Unclaimed Property Division

  • Massachusetts State Lottery Commission Office of Economic Empowerment

  • Veterans’ Bonus Division.

The Treasurer’s office also has a lead role with the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust and the Massachusetts School Building Authority. (accessed 09/17/22)