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Meghan Whitmore

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I moved to Franklin in 2001 because it was a short drive from Foxborough where I worked. I fell in love with this community and decided to stay. I want to give back to Franklin and volunteer my time to help keep this a great place for families. My wife and I have three kids here in the school system. My oldest daughter is passionate about her science class. She is always collecting soil samples and conducting experiments.

The town was very supportive when I announced that I was Transgender-female and would be transitioning. I received so much support from our community leaders.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your most recent tenure? Or, if you are a new candidate, what achievements make you most qualified for the position?

As a new candidate I am passionate about our town so I want this to remain a great place to raise our kids. We have a reputation for having the best school system in the area. We need to make sure we invest in our staff and arts.

Professionally, I work with DOD and University customers to solve problems in their data centers. I love working with people and helping with creative solutions.

What is your plan to make Franklin more appealing to teachers?

My plan is to make sure that we support our School teachers by listening to what is important to them and what has attracted them to Franklin. We also need to stabilize the positions for our teachers so they don't have to fear loosing their position each year.

What is your plan to increase community involvement in School Community bi-weekly meetings, District impacting changes, and other events?

I would like to encourage engagement from the Community with the School Committee meetings. Have frequent conversations with parents and teachers in Franklin.

Davis Thayer was the oldest Franklin school, but there are others that are close to being above the recommended age of a school building. What is your plan to address the aging schools in Franklin?

I feel that we should be smart about how to manage our buildings. If the cost of repairs and maintenance are greater that the cost of a modern building then moving toward that may be the right decision. We would have to be careful and thoughtful about the decisions.

What is your perspective on redistricting to better support school capacity?

We would have to look at the data and trends to make sure that have all the information needed to make the right decision. Be open and involve the Community with the problems and solutions.

I understand that change is sometimes not appealing to people but if the data supports a change we should think about the Community as a whole and the future not just our selves in the moment.

What is your position on continuing to increase diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in Franklin Public Schools?

As a Transgender-female I am passionate about Inclusion, equality, and diversity. We are all people and should treat each other equally. No one is more special than another. We should make sure that we are not turning any blind eyes to anyone. Encouraging students and staff to be their authentic selves is the best policy. Fostering an environment were no shaming is tolerated.

I am a proud member of the Franklin Freedom Team. Our mission is to preserve freedom through unity in the community

I am trying to build support for my Facebook group: Franklin Area LGBTQIA+ & Allies

I had the honor to moderate my company's global pride event in June 2020. We had almost 800 attendees.

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